Artery vena fistula
0.3,0.5,1cc autodisable syringe with protector (stick needle type)
1cc autodisable syringe
2cc autodisable syringe
3cc autodisable syringe with protector
5cc autodisable syringe
5cc blood donor
7cc blood donor
10cc blood donor

(1) Sales Department :

(2) Production Workshop :
(a). Injection Workshop

(b). Assembly Workshop

(3) Molding Department :

(4) Warehouse Shipping :

SYS Co., can provide you with all the components as well as the skills and knowledge required for the assembling of blood line (haemodialysis). In addition to the above mentioned, we can also supply you with all the required equipments for assembling:
1. adhesive machine
2.pressure testing machine
3. leakage testing machine

Please see attached pictures

Management objective

We insist on our demand in quality, determined to exceed your set standard.

Working Conviction
We take responsibility for every job we have done.
Though there excists differences among individuals, however, we promise the results are absolutely the best performance from us.
SYS is always doing our best to satisfy you.

Flow Chart

  1. SYS, founded in 1991, a company specializes in producing medical instruments.
    Products as below:
    1. Injection mold of medical parts---mold manufacturing factory.
    2. Disposable plastic medical parts---injection factory.
      Our injection factory are good at the plastic materials of medical grade, such as PVC(hard&soft), PP, PC, PE.

  2. In the manufacturing process, SYS meet
    1. Prompt changes of design from customers
    2. Mistakes from processing
    3. On finding better designs or methods of processing, we adapt ˇ§instant feedbackˇ¨ as discussing principle, and work as a team to overcome difficulties.
  3. So far, SYS has developed more than 500 designs of molds for medical equipments, and especially specialized in the following mold and injection.
    1. component of hemodialysis(AVF included)
    2. safety syringe & auto disable syringe
    3. traditional syringe
    4. infusion set
    5. medical lab accessories
    6. IV canula
    7. 3-way stopcocks & manifold stopcocks

We are able to cooperate with you in all feasible way. Thanks for your visiting this site and waiting for your contacting and mailing!!

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